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Hey, Hi, My name's Malia. I'm a nonchalant, scrupulous, enthusiastic, broad-minded stubborn pessimistic with a passion for Jurassic Park. My love for that film scares people away. Here you can find a collection of stuff I've made, like, or just stuff. Mostly stuff.
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If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.
Virgil’s Aeneid, book VII.312  (via cleamour)

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Cannot stop laughing

My mother thinks this is the funniest thing she keeps walking away laughing and coming back to look at it

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How do you remind someone that 50 ‘No’s’ do not make a yes?

A guy comes into my work place regularly. Not unusual, I work in a coffee shop. One day he tells me he has been in 3 times and I wasn’t there. I make a joke about having days off. He hangs around till I get sent on my break and asks if he can sit with me. I should of said my first ‘no’ then.

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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Jurassic World' faux park map leaks | Hitfix

Never have I wanted a leaflet so much.


wow, look at that hot greaser I mean damn son- 
wait. waaaait. Is that Leonard Nimoy? 
You be your sweet ass that’s Leonard Nimoy
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Sometimes, we most all take a moment to remember there was a time before Leonard Nimoy got stuck in Sci-fi Ghetto

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